The UNLIMITED public pavilion is open to all artists wanting to participate in The Wrong.

METAGRAPHISM Aesthetica is a principle which is based on visual vector and
figural compositions that blend visual experiences acquired in shamanic
rituals, combined with graphic shapes coming from an imaginary common
cultural background of each artist both personal, as the history of art

It is an attitude, a relational sensitivity, is not a theory, not a
movement, it communicates nothing but relates to the world, produces a
link with reality through a painting incorporeal that seeks the very idea
of the act of painting, pictorial produces vibration through intelligent
and modular patterns.

Is a culture of REMIX, aggregation, assimilation and regurgitation of
informational explosions that we are bombarded in daily life. Using images
remixed and recombined as a musical composition DJ, where seemingly
disparate images together form a meaning unknown and unexplored. A mixture
of images based in cataloged bestiary, erudite, the virtual world and
antagonistic cultures acquired on trips to exotic worlds is presented as a
new way to express the visual sensation of contemporary painting and
digital art.

São Paulo/SP

Bruno 9li
Hugo Frasa
Fernando Seixlack